Announcing Dracula’s Castle!

I’m very proud to announce Dracula’s Castle today. In development for the last 20 months or so, it’s my first foray into the world of 3D. I expanded the scope in comparison to my earlier games as I felt I was ready to tackle something bigger. I did not anticipate the sheer amount of work I had laid out for myself!

It’s been an incredible year so far with the birth of our first child, and quite the schedule trying to get work done on the game at an acceptable rate. I feel like the game is in enough of a decent base state to announce it now.

I have a bunch of dev notes handy so hopefully, given the time, I’ll start a bit of a dev diary going. I’m not expecting to be able to post every week or anything like that, but I will try to update the site when I get the chance. Here’s to 2021 and to Dracula’s Castle!

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