Tellurium, the amazing new brick breaker game available on Google Play and Amazon.

Exclusively on Android.

Want to experience the tried and tested Arkanoid brick breaking gameplay that has entertained gamers for generations? Look no further!
Tellurium sets the scene for hours upon hours of classic Breakout fun.

Join the Galactic Defense Fleet and never look back. Visit the shipyard, outfitter and black market to customize your game!
Play your way through 64 levels and 8 different sectors of uncharted space. Break your first brick and embark upon the Crusader Expedition today!

Game Features:
- Eight detailed galactic worlds with 64 levels with more on the way
- Unlockable Crusader Expedition ships
- Custom paddle and laser colors
- Earn thousands of Gal-Credits as you progress
- Detailed sci-fi graphics that suck you into the game for hours
- Terrific music and sound effects

How to Play:
Touch the bottom part of the screen to control the paddle to prevent the ball from entering the Forbidden Zone.
Obliterate all the bricks to progress to the next level. Music and Sound can be toggled in the Settings menu.

Tellurium   Tellurium

Defender of the Wood

Defender of the Wood

Retro archery tower defense arcade action.

Exclusively on iPhone and iPad.

Summer is Coming.

The realm is in peril! Nasty little Goblin-Things™ have been spotted massing in the forest. The King has assembled his best archers for training to prepare for the onslaught! Is it too little too late? Test your skill! Find out what it takes to impress Lord Astirian and become... a Defender of the Wood. Take on the goblin horde and challenge your friends' hi-scores! The King has also put out a grand bounty on the fearsome creatures. Make sure you upgrade your amor and weapons before taking the war to their dragon commander. One person called it "a tour de force in finger pressing."

- Newfangled wind dynamic! Keep an eye on that flag.
- Aim Assist? Pah! Aim Assist is for the weak!
- Top of the line VGA graphics!
- Outstanding anachronistic emitter effects.
- Unparalleled Parallax. (Not Really)
- Incredible 320x200 resolution.

"What does it take to make an addictive game? Not too much — just some simple controls, fantastic graphics, and basic physics. Defender of the Wood is one such game."
- Appsrumors 5/5 Stars

"The game is a good play, and we'd highly recommend it to arcade game fans."

Defender of the Wood